Aero Spray - Out Poster 1180mm x 1180mm
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Aero Spray - Out Poster 1180mm x 1180mm

GracoRoberts Part number: 1000369
Manufacturer Part Number:
Because not all spray equipment is the same, it’s crucial to conduct a spray pattern test to ensure you are working in the best range for the equipment settings. Spray Pattern test sheets were developed by AkzoNobel to verify how your equipment is working with the paint prior to applying to the aircraft. This is also a helpful tool to avoid rework and hold your painters accountable. Use this poster-sized sheet to test spray gun performance and settings, paint viscocity, and paint atomization.

Type: Miscellaneous | Form: Solid

$ 126.23 / 25 Each per Box

Min/Max Order: 1 / 9. Quantities must be ordered in increments of 1.

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